Question: How Can I Turn A Chase Credit Card Denial Into An Approval?

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Question: How Can I Do Chase Credit Card Reconsideration?

Question: How Can I Do Chase Credit Card Reconsideration?

Our question this week is about Chase credit card reconsideration. While the question specifically asks about Chase, the same guidance applies to other banks. We’ll look at the question and then talk about what credit card reconsideration is, why / how to do this, and then some practical tips–whether for Chase or any other bank.

The Question

Our question of the week comes from Tom in our Facebook group:

If I’m denied for a Chase card, am I better off calling the reconsideration line, or requesting reconsideration via online chat? Or, doesn’t matter, either way?

What Is Credit Card Reconsideration?

You applied for a credit card and weren’t instantly approved. We’ve previously written about how to check your credit card application status with Chase, with American Express, and with Citi. What if you get denied? Enter credit card reconsideration.

Credit card reconsideration is when you ask the bank to reconsider your application. They said no, but you want them to look at it again and hopefully say yes. That’s the general idea, but there’s an art to this.

Tom’s Question

Tom’s question about Chase credit card reconsideration is whether he should contact Chase through their secure message system inside his user profile (you have to be an existing Chase customer to have access to this) or via phone.

I recommend that Tom use the phone, for 2 reasons. First, despite anecdotal evidence that people have done reconsideration via secure message with Chase, it’s rare. And it’s likely your message will get sent off to someone else then to someone else…to either come back slowly or come back saying you need to call anyway. Second, answering the questions / issues that led to your original dial is likely easier in a discussion format, which the phone call allows.

To contact Chase credit card reconsideration by phone, here are the numbers:

  • Personal: 888-270-2127
  • Business: 800-453-9719

If you need to do a reconsideration call with other banks, check our list of reconsideration phone numbers here.

Question: How Can I Do Chase Credit Card Reconsideration?

Tips For A Reconsideration Call

Let’s assume you got denied for a card. The bank should send you a letter or show you the reason why in an email / online status website. You need to know why you were denied. Now, it’s time for the phone call.

Shawn previously covered tips for reconsideration calls in this article. There are several key takeaways:

Be polite and friendly.

You won’t get approved if you’re a jerk.

Be direct and to the point.

The bank will tell you why you were denied, and you should specifically address those issues. Don’t tell them how cool your business is or other unrelated content, unless asked. They denied you for XYZ, so specifically address those issues.

Know the benefits the card offers. 

The bank may ask you why you’re applying for this card, especially if they see that you have a lot of other credit cards. “I want the points you’re offering” isn’t going to cut it. Spell out that this card offers some key perks you really like, that this is your favorite airline, etc. This needs to come off like you want the card and will keep it in the future.

Offer to move credit.

I’ve mentioned how to shift credit limits previously in this article. Let’s say that you have 5 cards with Chase already, and each has a credit limit of $10,000. Chase has given you $50,000 of credit you could possibly use. Maybe they don’t want to give you any more. Offer to take $5,000 off of one of your cards to use toward a new card with a $5,000 credit limit. In this way, if the bank doesn’t want to extend more credit to you, they aren’t, but you can still open the card with what you already have.

Don’t come off as credit hungry.

This is difficult to quantify, but if the bank thinks you are just seeking more credit so you can run up your bills, declare bankruptcy, flee to another country, and stick them with the bill, you won’t get that new card. You might even get shut down. Focus on addressing their concerns, why this specific card helps you, and come off like a totally normal person.

What If The Call Fails?

Maybe you still get rejected. With some banks, you can speak directly to the people who make these decisions and plead your case. With Bank of America and American Express, you typically give some really basic info to a phone operator, and that person asks another department to re-examine. Your chances of a ‘discussion’ around the issues go down. If you get denied again, what should you do?

There is always the option to write a letter, if you really believe there’s a solid reason why the bank should reconsider. Maybe they’re basing their decision on incorrect information, and you can prove it. Is English not your first language, and you don’t feel comfortable on the phone for this? New documents have come that help support your appeal? Send a reconsideration letter in the mail to the bank. Tips on that here.

And If That Fails?

If you still wind up with a denial at the end of the day, understand the reason from the bank and use it to help you in the future. Maybe they think you have too many recent applications or too much credit already. We update our article on bank application rules whenever new data / trends emerge. Keep an eye on this to make sure you understand your chances before applying and fall within the bank’s rules before submitting.

Question: How Can I Do Chase Credit Card Reconsideration?

Final Thoughts

Tom’s question was about Chase credit card reconsideration. However, the strategies and tips for reconsideration apply to all banks. Some people feel very confident on the phone and don’t mind chatting / winging it during the reconsideration call. I’m definitely in this camp. Other people aren’t so confident in personal finance discussions and loathe these calls, spending a lot of time preparing and practicing. My wife is in this camp.

If that’s you with your partner when it comes time for a reconsideration call, I outlined some advice here.

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  1. I find the irony funny.
    “There is always the option to RIGHT a letter, if you really believe there’s a solid reason why the bank should reconsider. Maybe they’re basing their decision on incorrect information, and you can prove it. Is English not your first language, and you don’t feel comfortable on the phone for this?”
    Is this an ad for Grammarly?

  2. CHASE is very difficult if not impossible to recon if you are either over 5/24 or if you have a BK no matter how old. Others have written Exec Offices and got a reply but the original decision is seldom overturned. Chase is the only major bank I don’t currently have a card with mainly due to 5/24. Hard to be in the points / Miles game and stay under 5/24.

  3. I love how you say, come off like a normal person, as in, don’t let them know you are a crazy credit card churner. 🙂


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