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New Restrictions Will Make Travelling to Cuba Almost Impossible

Major new restrictions have been announced for US citizens traveling, blocking the most common ways Americans were able to visit the island in the last few years.

Announcement: Another U.S. Airline is Pulling Out of Cuba!

Just a few months after flights began to Cuba, another airline has announced they are pulling out of the emerging market citing high costs and low ridership.

Scheduled Air Service from the U.S. to Cuba: It Is Going...

Scheduled air service will resume between Cuba and the United States. How will the limited number of slots be dished out and how will this affect tourism in the island nation?

Two Days in Havana: The Sights, Smells & Sadness

I recently spent two days in Havana, Cuba. It is a fascinating place full of wonderful sights and a vibrant culture, but for me it wasn't a joyful experience.

AA Elite Fast Track Complete: The Economics of Obtaining AAdvantage Executive...

Economics of the AA Elite Fast Track Promotion Back in September for a brief moment in time, American Airlines opened up an opportunity to fast...

Inside Flyer, AA Elite Fast Track to Panama, Miles to Cuba...

Off to Cuba & Inside Flyer Content This morning I am flying to Panama (working towards AA Exec Plat as part of the Elite Fast...

How I Searched For & Booked A “Free” Ticket to Cuba...

How I booked the ticket for my upcoming flight to Cuba using airline miles from two international loyalty programs.

Adding Cuba to My Crazy Mileage Run to Panama?!? The Logistics...

An update on my mileage run to Panama including how I am thinking about tacking on a roundtrip flight to Cuba paid for with miles!