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The Mileage Run Guide: Fare Finding, Planning Tips and When It’s...

Chasing the siren call of elite status again this year? This is out complete guide to mileage run planning and deciding if its worth it:

How I Got Original Routing Credit with Alaska for Cancelled American...

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
My recent Haiti mileage runs were thwarted mostly by Irma, but I was able to pull off some original routing credit goodness in an experience that reminded me of why Alaska is so good and American is frustrating to deal with.

How Irma Messed Up My Mileage Runs, What I Did About...

This week's extreme weather has decimated my mileage runs. I learned a few lessons from the experience. Find out what happened and what I ultimately decided to do.

The Economics of Mileage Running to Requalify for AA Executive Platinum...

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
My proposed strategy for requalifying for AA Executive Platinum status, what needs to be considered and a look at whether it is worth doing or not.

My Insane (Circus) AA Mileage Run & How They Lost Track...

Yesterday I experienced one of the most insane flights I have ever taken which ended up with me missing connections and a lot more. It was a true circus.

Mileage Running to London: An Awesome Avios Booking & Unexpected Surprises

A surprise on my mileage run to London and how I used British Airways Avios to score another awesome deal to get out of London to see a new country.

AA Elite Fast Track Complete: The Economics of Obtaining AAdvantage Executive...

Economics of the AA Elite Fast Track Promotion Back in September for a brief moment in time, American Airlines opened up an opportunity to fast...

How I Searched For & Booked A “Free” Ticket to Cuba...

How I booked the ticket for my upcoming flight to Cuba using airline miles from two international loyalty programs.