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I Visited the Brand New “Largest Mall in America” & It...

I recently visited America's newest mega mall which is the largest in the United States. What I found was a stark mostly abandoned shell of a mall with a few attractions and a questionable promise of a bright future.

JFK Air France Priority Pass Lounge Review & Is It Possible...

A full lounge review and is it possible for domestic fliers to access the JFK Air France Priority Pass Lounge?

MLB Stadium Reviews – Citi Field, New York Mets

My MLB Park Review Series - First One is Citi Field.

Exclusive Photos: Come With Me Inside of One World Trade Center...

One World Trade Center Lobby
In late October of last year, I embarked on a nearly three week around the world journey. Starting with a few days in Washington...

Two More Days Of Nature’s Best!

There I was, at a spot I had longed dreamed about. As the roar of the powerful falls rang so loud in my ears, I looked down at my little boy and asked, “Do you like Niagara Falls?” Much to my surprise, he said very nonchalantly, “No”. After a little investigating, I found out the he liked them, but he was much more impressed with the vast array of unfortunate man made tourist traps surrounding the falls. In particular, he was obsessed with an observation tower, wanting to take pictures of it the whole time.

New York, Thanks For the Memories!

The only items on the itinerary for Thursday were the two remaining places on our City Passes. We decided to visit the American Natural History Museum first thing in the morning, followed by the New York Museum of Modern Art. I didn't start the day with much energy or enthusiasm, since the past few days, coupled with two straight weeks of going really hard, have taken their toll on me. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Art Takes On Many Forms In NYC!

Once again, Wednesday started pretty late. After arriving in Manhattan, in typical New York style, we shoved everyone aside on our way over to the ½ price ticket booth. =0 When we got there, ironically, they were closed. To our dismay, the ticket booth didn't open until 3pm. With some extra time on our hands, we took a stroll around Times Square, before deciding to join the line at the ticket booth around 2pm.

Empire State Building, The Met & The Yankees (Suck)

After our normal morning routine and the train ride over, we finally got into the city at noon. Two weeks ago I bought Yankees tickets for tonight's game at 7:05pm. This gave us about five or six hours before we needed to head up to the Bronx. With that in mind we continued to use our City Pass. Last night we were introduced to the city from the water, so today we wanted to see it from above. This meant that our day was to start at the Empire State Building.