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Easiest Annual Fee Offer Process I’ve Ever Experienced: Barclay’s Business?

Barclaycard rules
Barclay's Aviator Waived Annual Fee Retention phone calls, who here besides me hates calling in to the retention line? Before you cancel a card in...

(Updated) Current Retention Offer: Amex, Chase & Citi Retention Offer Data...

Retention offers are a massive part of this hobby. Here are data points on a current retention offer Amex, Chase & Citi have offered to credit card users.

My Wife’s Amex Platinum Retention Offer – Did She Keep or...

I give you the details of my wife's Amex Platinum retention offer phone call and if we decided to keep the card open or not.

My Barclaycard Arrival+ Retention Phone Call Results

I made my Arrival+ retention phone call this week. I was dead set on cancelling the account but they offered me a few different enticing offers.

My Retention Phone Call Results: BOA Virgin Atlantic & Alaska Airlines...

Barclay's AAdvantage Aviator
I go over my retention phone call results with Bank of America. I called to discuss my Alaska Airlines and Virgin Atlantic credit cards.

Warning! What You Need to Know When Calling Citi for Retention...

Citi's automated system is shutting down accounts without ever transferring people to a representative. Find out what is happening and how to avoid a costly mistake which might require a new credit check if you want to re-open.